Smart Start? Yes it has been!

delahunt-tomBy Tom Delahunt

I had an email arrive with a multitude of others but on closer inspection I realised what an opportunity it was. A Smart Start programme with the University Sports Centre. I decided to reply and state my interest.

The next contact was an invitation to come over to the Sports Centre for an induction. On arrival I was met by Kerry. For those who have not had the pleasure, Kerry has a bubbly, exciting and an infectious personality. I was not overly keen initially on the idea of timed exercise classes but felt that it was to good an opportunity to miss.

I signed up for Yoga to help with flexibility and then a double session on a Friday morning of BodyPump, which is very focused on core and endurance strength, and BodyCombat which is based on martial arts but very fast paced. I did a week and was hooked…the Les Mills programme is great as you have the virtual instructors in front of you but you can go at your own pace.

I consider myself relatively fit as I have completed the Canterbury sprint triathlon twice and a number of 5 and 10ks. The issue has always been my pace in the running and my lack of progress. Andy and Markus helped me to target my core strength and quads through tailored exercises in the gym. The progress has been amazing. My weight has dipped a little and my body fat is slowly coming down to the target. I have learnt that good exercise is all about form and function then weight increases.

I have opted for another 12 weeks and look forward to continuing to work with this very sensitive and approachable team. I am also making sure the faculty I work in at the University also are aware of this opportunity through Twitter and general conversation.

Smart Start and beyond…

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