Freshers’ Week 2016


Christ Church Sport has an exciting set of activities lined up over the freshers period in September and all events and activities are open to all students and staff at the University. Check out what you can get involved in from Monday 19th September until Sunday 25th September 2016. Also, don’t forget there is an offer on sports centre memberships which expires on the 31st September. £150 for a 6 month membership and get the following 6 months free.

Move More Monday
Walking Bingo 11am-3pm

Win a range of goodies whilst exploring the weird and wonderful Canterbury and finding out where all your essential needs are located!

TrySport Tuesday

Archery Tag 11am-3pm

Ever seen the Hunger Games films? Ever played Paintball? Well this is a combination of both! Come and give it a go at Anselm Lawn on main campus. Get together with 5 friends to enter a team or join in with a group on the day! Teams of 6! May the odds be ever in your favour!

Turn Up and Play Thursday
UV Sports Night 6pm-8pm

Time to get your best bright clothing out and your UV paint and glowsticks! Lots of fun sports activities all in the pitch black sports centre under UV light!

Fitness Friday
Free Gym and Fitness Classes 11am-3pm

Come and sample some of the ways you can keep fit at Uni. Check out the fitness activities on main campus at Anselm Lawn and next to the pond. Also come and have a taster of the gym for free at the Sports Centre!

Sports Weekend
Get Into Sport

Time to get your kit on and get involved in sport at Christ Church. From competitive clubs to social leagues and beginner activities, this is a weekend not to be missed! Sign up for the sport you’re interested in at Freshers’ Fair on Wednesday 21st Sept.

Join the event on Facebook to see who else is going and share with your friends! (


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