LES MILLS™ Virtual Classes

Virtual Poster 841x1189 - brandedLES MILLS™ Virtual workouts are classes in film format that combine world-leading fitness programs with pumping sound and motivation from some of the hottest instructors on the planet. Christ Church Sports Centre currently offers 5 Les Mills™ Virtual workout programmes to complement our live fitness class timetable. Our studio is newly refurbished with an amazing new projector and screen, making it look like cinema.

The lights are dimmed and ambient light comes from the projection screen. You can see what you are doing but everyone’s attention is drawn to the Les Mills International Instructors on the huge screen.  If you don’t like the limelight, you can get lost in your work out without feeling self-conscious. When people are in class they may feel that they are being watched by everyone. Honestly, that’s not the case, people are watching the instructors, not everyone else.

These classes/programs are suitable for everyone. Beginners can turn up to a supported class, knowing that a supervisor will be present to assist, if necessary, whilst they are there. You need not do the whole class, you can attend for 2, 3, 4 or however many tracks you feel like doing.  The supervisor will still support you while you cool down and stretch. On screen you can see which track you are on and how long you have left of that track. You will get reminders and advice during the whole workout from the on screen instructors, plus support as and when necessary (if any) from the supervisor present.

Fitness is a journey and we wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable by dropping you in a class and expecting you to get on with it.  We want to help you feel AWESOME and if that means assisting you and supporting your journey then we will be there every step of the way.  We currently have a free Learn the Moves Class, if you want some more preparation before you attend.  Going through the steps slowly can make you more confident when it comes to the actual class.

You need to feel good about taking part and if you can only manage a few tracks then it is perfectly normal to leave half way through. If, however, you are a regular gym/class goer and you want to do the full class, then that’s great.  We will motivate and push you that little bit harder and give you as much encouragement and support to complement your fitness journey.

virtual image - womanVirtual classes are also great for people who want to get on with their workout without interference. They know what to expect and want to get in the zone.

We have a selection of supported and unsupported classes that you can attend throughout the week and the weekend. We are also just about to introduce a Les Mills Virtual group fitness course called SmartStart. This will guide you on your fitness journey through a planned activity timetable. We will help you achieve your goals, be it weight loss, cardio improvement, strength and toning or just for the social aspect of fitness classes.  Experiencing your fitness journey in a group allows you to work out together, make new like-minded work-out buddies and, above all, have fun.

For a breakdown of the classes and what they actually entail please email Kerry.clare@canterbury.ac.uk for more information, or pop along to one of our supported classes and try it.  You’ll have fun and get a great workout too.  You can find our complete class timetable here.

For enquiries about our twelve week SmartStart course email sport@canterbury.ac.uk. Participants do not need to be part of the university to do this course.

Remember fitness is a journey… let’s build a strong foundation together.

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